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Whatever the purpose a condition survey of your premises offers a useful insight into its condition and likely maintenance needs, both now and in the future. We can undertake these surveys on both domestic and commercial properties, including a rented portfolio. As the client you can set the brief as to how you want the report setting out and how much detail you require, we can provide maintenance cost projections for the coming years and also provide floor plans and specifications as required to accompany this. These surveys can be adapted for use in lease renewals, appending to full repairing leases, sales or auction particulars or inventory purposes.

As a homebuyer, your mortgage company will carry out a basic valuation survey of your new home but for many reasons it’s reassuring to have a more detailed ‘homebuyers survey’ undertaken. This will give you an good overview of the properties condition and alert you to any immediate and likely future maintenance issues, we follow these report up with a phone call to talk you through the report and ensure you are happy with your impending purchase.

We also undertake full measured surveys of existing buildings and sites, these can be useful for planning alterations or interior design, we can also progress this and assist you with any alterations and extensions, details can be seen in our Technical Services Section.





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