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About Us

Welcome to Oakley Estates

Having been a Property Surveyor for over 20 years I took the decision this January to bite the bullet and set up my own surveying and access consultancy. This was born from an afternoon of red wine with my hubby on holiday, fuelled by a country pub, log burner and big dreams. Then start up figures were literally jotted down on a beer mat and the services to be offered on another. A while later I have a promising business, named after our 2 year old Daughter and I have never been happier.

I started many years ago as an Architectural Technician after undertaking design qualifications and then went on to gain a BSc(Hons) in Building Surveying. My roles over the years have increasingly seen me working with adults with disabilities, most recently as a regional property surveyor with Mencap. I have developed a real passion for creating inclusive environments through design and refurbishment, and now in my new business.

I undertake access audits and advise clients on how they can make positive changes to become more inclusive. My clients include industries such as leisure, hospitality, culture and heritage, its varied and exciting and extremely rewarding. Ultimately we all need to do our bit to make society as a whole more accessible, it can be argued that people are not disabled by their medical condition but by structures and attitudes in society, therefore we have a chance to remove these barriers. I passionately believe that inclusive design can be both functional and practical but also beautiful.

Not losing sight of the fact I am a qualified surveyor, we also offer a range of surveying services, such as homebuyers surveys and condition surveys of domestic and commercial, I can also prepare drawing packaged and planning and building regulation submissions. In essence I love buildings and it is great to be able to assist people in finding new homes or adapt their existing homes in order to live their dreams too !

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